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Event Tent & Outdoor Patio

Welcome to the outdoor patio, overlooking the picturesque greens of our

golf course. Whether you're celebrating a successful round with friends

or simply enjoying the tranquil ambiance, our patio is the ultimate destination

for relaxation and camaraderie. Sip on refreshing drinks, savor delicious

cuisine, and bask in the sunshine as you recount your day's triumphs on the course. 

Welcome to a haven where every moment is a hole-in-one.

Did we mention we love our furry friends? That's right, our patio is dog-friendly! Plus, make sure to stick around for the evening because you won't

want to miss the perfect sunsets. 

In addition to our outdoor patio, we're also excited to introduce our event tent, where we host a variety of special events including wine tastings, craft beer tastings, live music, and more. This spacious tent is equipped with heating and air conditioning, ensuring your comfort in any weather, and it's beautifully decorated to create a welcoming atmosphere. Join us under the tent for unforgettable evenings filled with laughter, music, and the finest beverages. 

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